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It is also called anal—oral contact and anal—oral sex , and is additionally known by slang names. Health risks include fecal—oral transmission of diseases. The term anilingus entered English through the F. Rebman translation of Edition 10 of sexologist Richard von Krafft-Ebing 's book Psychopathia sexualis. Colloquial names include rimming , rim job , eating ass or tossing the salad. Pleasure for the giver during anilingus is usually based more on the principle of the act.
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What is rimming and how do you do it like a pro?

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Is Licking a Person's Anus Safe?

Salad tossing, rimming, rim job, ass licking or whatever you want to call it, ass eating is undoubtedly an advance sexual activity. Rimming also known as anilingus is the sexual stimulation of the anus by the mouth or tongue. It feels mind-blowingly good! The anus is full of nerves that for men connect up to your prostate and is an ideal center for sexual stimulation. Although etiquette says to not rim without consent, my first time getting rimmed actually caught me by surprise! It had such a profound impact on me personally that the event has since then led me to start what you see here today in Buttwax. When your partner is ready to go, get them into position.
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Butt Motorboating: Yes, Real People Are Doing It

A guide to rimming? And as a trickle-down effect, other types of anal play are getting hyped up, too. In the heterosexual, men having sex with women crowd, anyway. Among women having sex with women and men having sex with men, all kinds of anal play has been on the table for quite some time.
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All illustrations by Carly Jean. Arse munching. Salad Tossing. Kissing the Chocolate Starfish. Yes, we're talking about rimjobs and depending on the individual, he or she either loves doing it or having it done or thinks it is the absolute grossest sex act there is.
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