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Where do you even start? Is it even worth trying? Well, there are many reasons why discovering how to flirt in Mandarin Chinese is useful for language learners:. A creep in the West is a creep in China. Chinese girls who are very much not interested will try to be polite and make an excuse to get the hell away from you.
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Love Beyond Language Barriers: How to Flirt in Chinese

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Love Beyond Language Barriers: How to Flirt in Chinese

Once upon a time, Stanislas Dehaene - French neurologist and mathematician, best known for his work on numeral cognition — conducted a study. Our brain is programmed to store numbers in a repetitive loop that lasts for only a short period of time. Chinese speakers are able to fit those 7 numbers into that span of time, while English speakers cannot. This is probably the best explanation why China does it better in the kingdom of numbers and the reason behind expressing whole sentences with them including declaring the feelings! In fact, there is a historical background behind this one! In ancient China, coins were strung together in stacks of
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